And the Biking Continues!

So in the last post I spoke about my initiation into biking in Mumbai. This one continues with a few more of my favorite rides:

  1.  Pali Hill

ride 2

This one is a slightly  tiring ride, what with having to pedal uphill and everything. The ride starts near the Ambedkar Statue on Ambedkar road, winding upwards towards the many historic bungalows on Pali Hill, an early morning ride here is a great way to see the activities that include people jogging, brisk walking to sleepy eyed dog-walkers and the kids that deliver newspaper. The best part about this ride is it is very easy to get lost in the bylanes, and yet, you always know you have to go downhill in the end to be out of this place!! The ride can end at the Bai Avabai school, coming out on the lane near Olive Restaurant.


  1. The Gaothans of Bandra

ride 3Another route is one through the gaothans of Bandra, the tiny villages that formed the locality in the first place.  Ranwar, Shirley, Rajan, Pali and Chuim are some of the more popular gaothans and the best one to ride through is Ranwar village. While moving on Hill road towards St.Andrew’s Church, take a left turn at St.Peter’s Road (SAFE Caterers) and you can peacefully ride through the bylanes of Ranwar. The sights include pretty little houses, crosses at every intersection, th village square with remains of last night’s party and some of the most photographed street art in this area. The iconic Judee bakery also falls on this route, and so does St.Stanislaus High School. The ride ends with an exit at Mount Carmel Church. A ride through Chuim, although equally engaging, is quite a short one and can be combined with another longer ride.

  1. Parks of Bandra

Bandra has a lot of green spaces, from the trees lining the promenades to the well shaded roads. But what they also have is a number of parks spread across the neighborhood. This ride begins at Union Park, right opposite Olive Bistro. Union Park is a small quaint park, on this hilly road, with a stepped walking track, and a tiny play area for kids. This is usually the less crowded and quieter places for you to sit and contemplate life! From here the ride moves on to Jogger’s park. The prettiest of all parks in Bandra, lined by the sea on one side, and the continuous line of trees that ensure a nice breeze as you run/walk. An early morning walk here ensures a heart wish from the large group of uncles that come here every day! If you are lucky, you might even get to hear some of their shayaris and their opinion on most current affairs!!

From here the ride can move on to Almeida Park, and then backwards to Guru Nanak Park. Guru Nanak Park is actually not very pleasing to look at, what is interesting though is the containers around that form some sort of office/ meeting point from the BMC workers around. Early every morning they gather here to meet their supervisors before setting off for the day’s work.

From here you can go to Patwardhan Park, this one is centrally located to Khar and Bandra and a lot of people come here for everyday walks. The multiple parks allow you to choose a speed and stick to it.


The last stop on this route is Madhu Park, which is surrounded by old looking buildings and there is also the Ghanteshwar Hanuman Mandir where you can pay your weekly prayers and return to a late Sunday brunch and some much needed rest, what with all the riding and walking/running around in each park.

ride 4

So that completes my favorite rides in the area. Let me know if there’s something I have missed out.

Do read the prequel to this post.



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