World Chocolate Day

It’s not like one needs an occasion to proclaim their love for chocolate, but World Chocolate Day is quite a celebration! Like mostly people on the face of this planet, “I love Chocolate!!.” However, this love did not begin in my early childhood.

It was not until Dad started working in the middle-east and like most people returning to India from any part of the world, he brought home a lot of chocolates! This was my introduction to the world of Ferrero-Rochers and Toblerones, Galaxy Jewels and Lindt. I started eating chocolate, not because I loved it, but because it was in the house. And as the frequency of eating chocolate increased, I started developing a liking for it. Until at one point, I could devour anything chocolate, whether sweet, bitter or salty!

But over time, I have acquired a taste for dark chocolate, and weirdly flavored ones (read sea salt, chilly and the likes!).  My favorite being dark chocolates by Godiva, they are just amazing and nothing comparable to anything else I will write about in this post!! Those little pieces of awesomeness are waaay beyond this list! ( ). Yes, they are pricier than a lot of others, but I believe they are totally worth the buck.

Although chocolate is one of the easiest desserts to find, not everyone can serve you something delicious and unique. Very few places have given me memorable chocolate experiences, not just for the taste, but also the memories associated with it, the friends I made there and the experience as a whole. Here’s a list:

  1. Death by Chocolate @ Corner House (Bengaluru/Mysore)

My first extra chocolaty ice cream! This one is delicious in the first spoonful, the nuts, chocolate and ice-cream are a combination that can never go wrong! But by the time you finish it, it really is death by chocolate as it is too sweet and too heavy for one person to finish off.

Source: Internet


  1. Chocolate thali @ Desi Klub (Mumbai)

Again worth trying but too sweet for my liking! This one is a thali with at least 7 different chocolate laden dishes. It is impossible for one person to eat and sharing is highly recommended even if Joey doesn’t share food!

chocolate thali
Source: Internet
  1. Rum balls @ Crumbz (Mangalore/Surathkal)

This is the tiniest and most affordable chocolatey bliss that a student can ask for. Tiny balls of rum based chocolate that are bite-sized, melt in your mouth, and cost less than 10 bucks! What more does on want!!

  1. Orange and Dark chocolate cake @ Healthy Treats (Mumbai)

THE BEST use of Dark chocolate in a healthy dessert that I have ever laid my hands on!! Healthy treats are known for well, healthy treats 😛 and most of their desserts use natural sweetening agents such as dates etc. the orange and dark chocolate cake is delicious with huge chunks of dark chocolate in a delicately orange-flavored cake. The flavors complement each other amazingly and this is definitely one cake I would want on every birthday!!!



Source: Internet
  1. Nutella and sea salt Cookies @ Sweetish House Mafia (Mumbai)

First, they have the cutest outlets!! All of their cookies are good, but Nutella and sea salt just stands out. The salt doesn’t get in the way of the awesomeness of Nutella and together they make for an amazing cookie! The salt balances out the extra sweetness of the Nutella nicely. A taste that will linger long after you are done with the cookie.

  1. Flower Pot @ Jamjar Diner (Mumbai)

This one is called the Flower Pot, because when you call for it they get you a plastic pot with an orchid on top. But then you dig into the pot and it is full of goodies! They have Oreo soil, underneath which is rocks of brownie, ice-cream and marshmallows. Every bite is delicious, and hey, it’s a surprise!

  1. Ice-cream Cake @ Bon-Bon (Mangalore)

The best 60 rupees you can spend in Mangalore! Bon-Bon is a local chain of bakeries, and although I have never eaten anything else in any of their stores, I have relished their ice-cream cake for quite some time now. The ice-cream cake is layers of cake and ice-cream with tons and tons of nuts and chocolate sauce. Every bite is pure bliss, especially in the sweltering Mangalore heat. Also, they make a limited batch and run out of it pretty quickly, so late evenings are not a great time to go looking for ice-cream cake.

Ice Cream Cake
  1. Chocolate Sandwich @ Royal Sandwich (Indore)

This one is actually not very special in terms of taste or idea, but the fact that it was available to hungry students on a hill top campus faraway from Indore city, once every week, makes it very very special. Every time we got a mailer saying “Royal Sandwich on campus”, we would wait to get out of class and queue up to eat his sandwiches, chocolate sandwich being a popular choice for dessert after the other cheesy vegetable versions.

Source: Baskin Robbins India Website
  1. Bavarian Chocolate @ Baskin Robins (Everywhere!)

This is special because it is the most easily available form of dark chocolate ice-cream, not too sweet, rightly chocolaty and in a nice creamy-chunky texture. This one is my go to comfort-ice cream for when I am tired/sad/frustrated.


  1. EVERYTHING @ The Lindt Store (I visited the one in Torino)

Ok, I have to confess, I usually love everything Lindt, except the milk chocolates. So when I go to the Lindt store I am practically Alice in Wonderland. Wanting to explore (read devour :P) everything in sight! This particular store is even more special as it was the first place I went to with future patidev! We had chocolate based beverages, sampled Torino’s special Gianduja, and bought a ton of Dark Chocolate in all possible flavors!


Source: Internet

There, those are my most memorable chocolate experiences! Do mention more places I can try out in the comments section. Now I am off to try and whip up a something chocolaty in the microwave!!


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